Cultural Activities

In Sirkeci-Eminonu region, there is always at least one cultural activity that you can participatie in.

Street Music Festival at Sirkeci Yearly (except this year)

Spring Festival (Hidirellez) at Ahirkapi Yearly

Sirkeci Street Music Performed at Nights

Sirkeci Street Music Nights, which is not scheduled this year due to landscaping and construction work taking place in the vicinity, is organized on May 16th every year and is an activity that brings together the joy of festivity with individuals who look forward to it. The festivity is realized at Ibni Kemal Street, which is closed to vehicle traffic, along which amateur and professional music and art performances can be seen.

Spring Festival (Hidirellez) at Ahirkapi

The "Spring Festival at Ahirkapi", a street event organized for the last 8 years so that Istanbul residents celebrate arrival of Spring, is set to take place this year also on May 5th, Saturday evening. Hidirellez Day is one of the seasonal festivals of Turks all over the world and has been celebrated because it is the day, according to folkloric traditions, Hizir and Ilyas came together on earth. As the legend has it, Hizir has reached to immortality by drinking the "Water of Life", and is God's prophet who walks around helping people and bringing abundance- blessing and health.

The festival full of colorful foods and drinks on various street stands and joyful roman music will have Istanbul residents go out on the streets and enjoy many surprises of the event. The bonfire is lit on the first moments of May 6th as the night of May 5th ends, wish ribbons is hung on Nahil Trees together with "Eminonu Platform" and peace, love, affection, respect, health, an honest world and happiness wishes will end the night and welcome the Spring and Summer. A web site www.hidrellez.org was set up for the event, and those who could not attend the activities had the opportunity to send their wishes on-line so that they can be hung on the Nahil Trees. Same tradition will be practiced this year also.